The Soundcast recording studio is our mixing and tracking hub, headed up by our co-founder and lead engineer, Giovanni Serci.
We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable and creative space for any recording session.

The Live Room and adjacent ISO booth are treated with wood cladding and acoustic panelling to give the room tight, warm and controlled acoustics.
The room is perfectly suited for live band recordings, multi-tracking, post-production and overdubbing instruments and voice-overs. 

We also host and facilitate podcasts and live recordings providing audio, video and streaming.

  • Gallery
  • Gear List
  • Floor Plan

Gretsch Catilina Jazz Club (18”, 12”, 14”)
Tama Artstar (22”, 14”, 16”)
Yamaha Stage Custom (22”, 12”, 16”)
Mapex Prodigy Fusion (22”, 13”, 16”)
Mapex Prodigy Standard (20”, 10”, 12”, 14”)

Bugera 333 120W 3Ch Valves 2x12
Bugera 412H-BK 4x12 Cab
Blackstar HT5 Anniversary edition 2x10"
Blackstar ID:15 50W 1x10
Fender Mustang 10 70W 1x10
Roland DAC15-x 30W 4x8
Fender Princeton 112Plus 180W 1x12
Hughes & Kettner (Attax Series) Tour Reverb 1x12
Line6 Flextone 60W 1x12
Marshall MG101fx 175W 1x12
Marshall Valvestate 2000AVT 250W 2x12
Roland Jazz Chorus 120A 2x15
Fender Deluxe Special Edition 120W 1x12 Cab
Peavey Valve King VK100 Tube Amplifier (head)
Laney LX120RH (head)
Fender Superchamp x2 90W (head)

Kustom 250 (head+cab) 8x10
Peavey TNT130 130W (head+cab) 1x15
Fender Bassman Ten 200W 4x10
Ashdown MAG300 300W 1x15
Hughes & Kettner Basskick 515 200W 1x15
Yamaha Hundred 115B 1x15

TUL F47 Condenser Tube Mic
Shure BETA 52
Rode NT1
Rode NT2a
Shure SM58
Shure SM57
Shure PG58
Shure Beta-87A
Sennheiser E825s
SE Electronics 1

Fidek FPS150 Powered Speaker
Proel EX12MA Powered Monitor
Yamaha MG16XU Mixing Console
Yamaha MG16 Mixing Console
Wharfdale Titan 12D
Soundcraft FX16ii Mixing Console

Nord Electro 4D 61
Korg MS-700
Moog Little Phatty
BFOC Custom 61 Key Controller
Alesis Q61Pro Controller
Hohner Pianet T
Roland MC-505 Groovebox
Novation Launchkey Mini
Akai APC 40
Yamaha SY-2 Synth
Roland SPD SX Drum Pad
Korg Kaoss Pad KP3

Focusrite Liquid Sapphire 56 Audio Interface
Focusrite Octopre
Focusrite Green 3 Voice Box
DBX 160X Compressor
Behringher Autocom Pro XL Dual Channel Compressor
EWI Microphone Splitter
Art P48 Patchbay
Behringher 8 Channel Preamp
Lexicon PCM81 Effects Processor
Boss SR-700 Effects Unit
Sansui Amplifier
Mackie Big Knob

KRK VXT 8 Studio Reference Monitor
Yamaha NS10M Studio Reference Monitor
KRK ST8 Studio Reference Monitor