The second episode of Soundcast Sessions features the amazing Lo-Ghost, with “Super Flower Death Scene”.

Little background to this session:

We shot this session about a year ago. Some unfortunate events led to losing most of the audio files from the session, and feeling heart-broken, we kinda put is aside and planned to re-record at some point, since we had all this great footage that we couldn’t really use. However, with plenty of time on our hands during lockdown, we found that we still had the raw exports of the session from the day of the recordings, that we ended up using – which after seeing the final video, make it even more real and intimate. So please forgive the feedback in the room and the noise! 🙂

A huge thank you to the Lo-ghost team, Shannon, Evan and Dan, and to Paige Fiddes for the incredible work on the lenses and putting it all together.